Communication Solutions


The BROADNET services are powered by a state of the art network infrastructure carefully designed to support the business rudiments through a unique comprehensive approach to the market requirements. At BROADNET, we understand the local market needs therefore, tailored a collection of services that will allow our customers a useful service model and a scalable approach.

Our service portfolio is designed to support customer needs and provide our subscribers an agile solution that will enable both the operational flexibility they require as well as improve their financial offer and costs model.

Network Services - Real time applications are challenging and require professional network solutions, high availability, aggressive level of service and comprehensive quality to perform as stable infrastructure, Broadnet communication offers a wide range of services to support real time application requirement

Integration Services - From strategic consultancy, design, systems integration, and project management to bespoke project, installation, training, and on-going support programs, Broadnet offers a wide range of services to help satisfy its customers requirements.

Design & Systems Integration - Broadnet has extensive experience and knowledge in delivering creative and effective solutions across all phases of television and media systems design and broadcast engineering associated with large broadcast production, post-production, transmission/distribution, and communications systems. 

Project Management - managing complexity and attaining maximized results requires precision and a thorough understanding of complex variables. Broadnet Communications has developed this expertise in many projects with high profile clients. With experienced in-house design, engineering, and construction staff and carefully worked-out client review.

Implementation -  A well-done installation minimizes malfunctions, is easy to maintain, and provides high quality signals for the longest time possible. In order to achieve these results, professional, highly qualified Broadnet engineers perform all installations according to detailed plans. Broadnet Communication's approach ensures that every device, cable, connector, and console is installed precisely as specified by the workflow and connectivity plans.

Training - Broadnet Communication offers a wide range of affordable and convenient training solutions, including on-site training, one-on-one training, in-house training, and remote on-line training. Broadnet provides comprehensive training solutions to assist clients in navigating the complexities of network operations and to understand the applications of new media technology

Support - Broadnet Communications has an existing team of seasoned and respected industry professionals who bring a strong knowledge of their field and a desire to see you succeed.

BROADNET Communication solutions offering: 

Proffesional Network solutions WAN/LAN

Global DATA d\solutions, International Private Links and networks

Variaty of wirless network solutions

Network Security elements

Virtual hosting services and collocation

Added value services - smtp Relay, Mail Relay In/Out mail Filtering & anti virus & spam suuport

Fully Managed Solutions

Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting Tools

Communication Solutions